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Interested in books? Good. Not? Too bad suckers, we're still out here.

about the author

 Alex McKenzie (1996-Forever) is an undiscovered author full of talent, and just in general a swell guy. While having no officially published works, he is responsible for the webcomic Sorcerers and Soul Gems, as well as several other pieces found in various places across the Internet. Having once spent his writing talents on shameful pieces of fanfiction that shall never again be mentioned, he has gone on to write several novels and short stories in the fantasy genre. 

Interested in giving as many people art as he can, this website is dedicated to his creations, whether they be literature, comics, or otherwise.

Okay, I'm done talking in the third person. 

last days

My first novel to have been finished, Last Days is an apocalyptic fantasy adventure-ish thing. Looking back on it, Last Days wasn't that good of a piece, the writing was sloppy, the characters forgettable, and the plot was ripped straight out of other works (not flat out plagiarizing, just that there is nothing you haven't seen before). And yet, it seems to me like it's a drunk boxer, it may be sloppy, but it will hopefully at least be memorable. It can be found in the downloads section.

sorcerers and soul gems

A webcomic revolving around five gamers and their campaign through the hit anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It can be found in the Gallery here, or on Deviantart here:

I highly suggesting going to it through DeviantArt, as it allows for everyone to see the comics in a zoomed-in fashion. 


I have a Livejournal account now under alexmckenzie199. I will be putting chapters and in-construction short stories there, please take a look. All finished stories can be downloaded here, however.